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All 21 antidepressants researchers looked at work better than placebo: Study

Depression is the leading cause of disability, with 350 million people affected worldwide. While antidepressants have long been used, there’s been debate about how well they work. In a new study published in The Lancet, researchers trying to settle the matter found that all 21 antidepressants that they looked at work better than placebo. The researchers did a meta-analysis where they comprehensively reviewed past studies. Among the 28,552 studies that they looked at, only 522 were rigorous enough to be included – that’s a total of 116,477 participants treated with…

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Arsenal 1-2 (agg 4-2) Ostersunds FK: Rob Holding admits his side can perform better following shock defeat to Europa League minnows

Arsenal went off to a chorus of boos from their own crowd at the end of the game Thursday, February 22, 2018 Rob Holding admitted Arsenal were complacent in their second leg defeat to Ostersunds FK in the last 32 of the Europa League at the Emirates Stadium. The Gunners lost 2-1 on the night but go through to the last 16 after winning 4-2 on aggregate. Calum Chambers’ own goal and Ken Sema’s powerful finish gave the Swedish side a shock 2-0 lead inside 23 minutes and they threatened…

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Flu vaccine: Will it work better next season?

Flu season isn’t over yet, but the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that in less than two weeks they will be putting together a panel of experts to help select strains for next season’s flu vaccine. The influenza virus changes or mutates every year, which makes it very difficult to create a vaccine. It also takes several months to produce the influenza vaccine, which is why health officials are getting started even before this season ends. While the flu vaccine remains the best method to prevent illness…

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Why food tastes better slightly burnt or at least golden brown

I love a sunburnt country – and a charred, fat-tailed lamb chop, and the lightly blackened skin of a sausage. I love the burnt, gnarly bits on a roast leg of lamb, and the way the long tail of a quartered parsnip blackens and becomes wizened in the oven, until it’s as chewy as a sweet, tooth-sticking caramel. Charred octopus tentacles over charcoal, yes. And bacon … is there any point in eating bacon that isn’t darkly crisp? You may as well eat ham. Or pale toast. Illustration by Simon…

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Women Were Better Represented in Victorian Novels Than Modern Ones

Since the birth of modern English-language novels in the 1700s, male and female characters from Paul Atreides to Elizabeth Bennet have laughed, grinned, felt and acted through their pages. A new study conducted using a machine learning algorithm has offered fresh perspective on their histories. “The Transformation of Gender in English-Language Fiction,” published this week in the journal Cultural Analytics, analyzed the presentation of gender in more than 100,000 novels, finding a paradox when it came to novels of the 20th century: as the rigid gender roles seemed to dissipate,…

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Is reading better for you than a spa?

You’ve heard of yoga retreats and spa retreats, and you’ve probably heard of creative writing or painting retreats but could the next big thing in relaxation be a reading retreat? I went to Thorpeness in Suffolk to join a group of people who’ve chosen to go on holiday with just their books. Cressida Downing apologises that dinner’s five minutes late tonight but they had to wait, she explains, for Annie to finish her chapter. No one seems to have noticed anyway. Helen’s having an animated conversation with Nynka about the…

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