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More cancer patients now have insurance because of health care law

The Affordable Care Act has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of adults with cancer who lacked health insurance, new research shows. But whether future changes to this law could reverse the trend remains to be seen. “We wanted to understand what the ACA did, especially for vulnerable populations,” according to Aparna Soni, a doctoral candidate at the Kelley School of Business of Indiana University whose research on the topic was published Thursday in the journal JAMA Oncology. “Cancer treatment can be expensive or unaffordable for people without…

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'I was told I'd be fired because of migraines'

Many employers do not understand the terrible effects of migraines and could do more to support staff with the condition, three UK charities say. With one in seven people affected, their research suggests more help and awareness from bosses is needed. Fiona McKenzie, 33, was told by one of her former employers she would be fired if her absences due to migraines didn’t improve. She says migraine pain is “like someone hitting my brain with an ice pick”. In a survey of more than 2,000 UK adults by the Migraine…

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UK South Asian women 'hiding cancer because of stigma'

Media playback is unsupported on your device A number of UK women from South Asian backgrounds who have cancer hide it because of a perceived stigma about the disease, the BBC has learned. One woman chose to “suffer on [her] own” through chemotherapy for fear of her family’s reaction, and questioned whether God was punishing her. Experts said others were seeking help too late, causing preventable deaths. In one case a woman sought treatment only when her breast was rotten. She later died as the cancer had spread. ‘Very dark…

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Grenfell fire: 'I was too afraid because I'm undocumented'

There have been persistent claims that the Grenfell Tower death toll is higher than official estimates because there were undocumented residents living there. One such woman explains why she is too afraid to come forward to the authorities. Rhea is from the Philippines and lived on the 21st floor of the high rise tower, with her friend Helen and her 12-year-old daughter. But, unlike Helen, 40-year-old Rhea wasn’t a registered tenant, having lost her legal right to remain in the UK in 2012. Having been caught up in the fire…

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Jumbo says black UK stars win US roles because 'we are better'

English actress Cush Jumbo says British black actors are being given roles in America over their US counterparts because “we are better”. The Good Fight star said: “The reason I’m doing so well is our training, our work ethic… we learn our lines. “Why are we not trying to keep that here… and tell the whole world that we are the best rather than letting people slip through the net?” Jumbo was speaking to a Labour Party inquiry into access and diversity. She said she would love to find a…

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Tupac told Madonna he broke up with her because of race, letter reveals

It seems like a relationship between rapper Tupac Shakur and pop superstar Madonna at the height of their careers would have been fodder for the world’s tabloids. Instead, it was mostly rumour. And, as with so much of Tupac’s life, many of the specific details were lost with his death in 1996. In place of a firsthand account, we’re left with an oral history pieced together by those who knew the couple. Madonna herself hasn’t been particularly forthcoming about the relationship, aside from confirming it and offering a few scant…

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