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Facebook bans rapper Lil B for 'hate speech' posts

US rapper Lil B, known for his outspoken views on social media, is facing a 30-day ban under Facebook’s hate speech policies. The musician has expressed anger over the suspension and fans have criticised the ban on Twitter. Facebook said some of his posts violated its policies on hate speech. The posts, according to publications with which he later shared the messages, related to white people and gun violence. Political news website The Hill republished two of the banned posts. They read: “White people are the only ones who really…

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China bans initial coin offerings calling them 'illegal fundraising'

Chinese regulators have launched a crackdown on individuals and firms raising funds by offering their own digital currencies. The People’s Bank of China has declared initial coin offerings (ICOs) illegal and wants them to “cease immediately”. A growing number of tech companies are opting to sell digital “tokens” because they are quick, easy and unregulated. The ban saw sharp falls in the two leading crypto-currencies, with bitcoin tumbling $ 200 on Monday. Initial coin offerings: Is this the next financial scandal waiting to happen? Tech Tent: The crypto-currency craze Growing…

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Germany bans far-left protest website over G20 riots

Germany has banned a far-left internet portal accused of inciting violence and rallying activists who rioted during last month’s G20 summit in Hamburg. It is now a crime to continue using the site, linksunten.indymedia, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said. Police have seized computers and some weapons in raids on addresses of activists in the south-western Baden-Wuerttemberg region. Dozens of anti-capitalist protesters clashed with police during the G20. In a tweet, the German interior ministry described the portal as “the central communications platform among far-left extremists prone to violence”. It…

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Triple talaq: India court bans Islamic instant divorce

India’s top court has ruled the practice of instant divorce in Islam unconstitutional, marking a major victory for women’s rights activists. In a 3-2 majority verdict, the court called the practice “un-Islamic”. India is one of a handful of countries where a Muslim man can divorce his wife in minutes by saying the word talaq (divorce) three times. The landmark court decision came in response to petitions challenging the so-called “triple talaq” custom. The cases were filed by five Muslim women who had been divorced in this way and two…

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Allure magazine bans the word 'anti-ageing,' will it change anything?

While the fashion industry is wont to use cutesy, inoffensive (yet often really quite offensive) terms to describe people that sit outside of their prescribed norm – “curvy”, “exotic” etc. – the beauty industry calls it like it is. Both are problematic in their own way.  Helen Mirren stars on Allure magazine’s September issue cover.  Photo: John Salangsang In the beauty world there are “anti-ageing” issues of magazines and practical advice on things like “How to Get Rid of Cellulite” and “19 Ways to Deal With Dark Circles and Under-Eye Bags“. And, once you get past…

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Putin bans VPNs in web browsing crackdown

Vladimir Putin has banned virtual private networks (VPNs) and Tor in a crackdown on apps that allow access to websites prohibited in Russia. The law, signed by Mr Putin, was passed by Russia’s parliament last week and will now come into force on 1 November. A second law to ban anonymous use of online messaging services will take effect on 1 January next year. It would make it easier for the state to snoop on citizens’ browsing habits, one internet security expert suggested. The laws signed by Mr Putin are…

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Virgin complaint bans Sky broadband ad

Sky has had another TV broadband advert banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following a complaint from rival Virgin Media. The advert featured the cast of The Secret Life of Pets, with one dog becoming frustrated with its broadband connectivity. Virgin Media challenged a claim in the ad that Sky broadband was “super reliable”. The ASA drew on data from Ofcom to uphold the complaint. It concluded that the ad could “mislead consumers” because it implied that all of Sky’s broadband packages were super-reliable. “That is not the case…

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