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Wall Street analyst became ER doctor after sister's subway accident

Debbie Yi was working as an investment analyst on Wall Street when she experienced two horrific events that would alter the course of her life forever. In 2001, Debbie had recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in economics and moved to New York City to start her job as a Goldman Sachs analyst. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, she said her managing director called his team into his office where they could see the burning World Trade Center. “We all started running,” Debbie said. “I remember…

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Sony PlayStation 5 Arriving in 2019, Linked to 4K TV Adoption: Analyst

The recent PS4 Pro debut and upcoming Xbox One X launch have led some to speculate we’re seeing the wholesale retirement of the traditional console launch cycle. It’s possible Sony and Microsoft have transitioned to something like the iPhone model, as new products launch with backwards compatibility, and older models work with the latest software and receive OS updates for a substantial period of time (typically 3-4 years for Apple, markedly less for Android devices depending on the manufacturer). Sony has made some recent comments indicating there will be a PlayStation 5, however…

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