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Native American tribe sues Amazon and Microsoft

A Native American tribe is suing Amazon and Microsoft for infringing data-processing patents it is holding. The patents were assigned to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe by technology company SRC Labs, and it will receive a share of any award. Tribal sovereignty means that the patents cannot be reviewed by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. A similar deal has drawn criticism from US lawmakers, who claim it is a loophole to avoid patent scrutiny. Democratic US senator Claire McCaskill drafted a bill this month, in response to another attempt…

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News: MBNA analysis reveals growing UK interest in Central American travel

The face of travel is changing, with new research showing that Central American countries like Costa Rica and Argentina are becoming more popular with UK travellers. Credit card provider MBNA analysed more than four million transactions from UK customers around the world to build up a picture of how travel habits are changing, with Central America seeing the highest growth in transactions from travellers since 2014. Spend analysed included accommodation, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. Costa Rica, a country known for its stunning beaches, lush jungle and awe-inspiring volcanic landscape,…

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“American Vandal” Is Like “Serial,” But with Dick Jokes

As a person who mostly finds true crime unwatchable, and who also laughs every time she sees the number 69, I received Netflix’s new mockumentary series “American Vandal” with a sense of intimate recognition that felt a little like love. I would stand outside this show’s door in the snow and hold up love letters in its preferred language—a series of posters spray-painted with stubby genitalia. “American Vandal,” an eight-episode true-crime parody that escalates at the pace and rhythm of sketch comedy, is the creation of Tony Yacenda and Dan…

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The Male Animal: Love and Marriage, South Asian American Style

The Male Animal By SRIDHAR PAPPU Shankar Prasad wasn’t supposed to want this. He was born in the United States, the third of four brothers from a family who immigrated to this country from India in 1975. He grew up in New Jersey. He went to Rutgers. He worked for a hedge fund in New York. In short, he had a “modern” American life. He was supposed to meet the love of his life in a bar in the East Village of Manhattan. Instead, in 2008, he told his mother…

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The Making of the Modern American Recipe

The first edition of the Boston Cooking-School Cook Book—now known as TheFannie Farmer Cookbook—reads like a road map for 20th-century American cuisine. Published in 1896, it was filled with recipes for such familiar 19th-century dishes as Potted Pigeons, Creamed Vegetables, and Mock Turtle Soup. But it added a forward-looking bent to older kitchen wisdom, casting ingredients such as cheese, chocolate, and ground beef—all bit players in 19th-century U.S. kitchens—in starring roles. It introduced cooks to recipes like Hamburg Steaks and French Fried Potatoes, early prototypes of hamburgers and fries, and…

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New Book of Photographs Recalls the Trauma of American History

He was familiar with the horrifying death 62 years ago of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African-American who was kidnapped by white supremacists, beaten, shot and thrown into a river weighed down with a 75-pound cotton gin fan after supposedly whistling at a white woman in Money, Mississippi. Yet knowing the details did not prepare the photographer Andrew Lichtenstein for the unsettling experience of visiting the crime scene. “Money feels like a place that hasn’t moved forward in time,” he says. The author of Marked, Unmarked, Remembered, a new book of…

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