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Amazon backs down in Google streaming spat

Amazon has started selling Google’s Chromecast devices two years after it originally removed them from its store. Amazon said it removed them to end customer confusion about which services were available on which device. Analysts said it was because they let people watch services that competed with Amazon’s Prime Video. Google retaliated by blocking access to YouTube on some Amazon gadgets and threatening further restrictions. In September, Google stopped YouTube playing on the Amazon Echo Show. It said it took the step because the way Amazon got the video-sharing service…

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Google Amazon row leads to restricted YouTube access

Google plans to stop Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices being able to use YouTube from the start of 2018. The search giant has also blocked a workaround that Amazon introduced to restore YouTube access to a screen-based version of its smart speaker. Experts say the steps mark an escalation of a business row in which consumers have been caught up in the fallout. Amazon had previously stopped selling several of Google’s hardware products. It removed the latest Nest-branded smart home kit – including a home security system and a new…

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BBC takes on Netflix and Amazon with box set drop

The BBC iPlayer is upping its game in the battle to take on Netflix and Amazon – by dropping a raft of box sets on the service in time for Christmas. The slate includes hit series Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, the first three series of Peaky Blinders and Golden Globe-winning drama, Wolf Hall. Every regeneration episode of Doctor Who since 2005 will also be on offer. The box sets will be available from 16 December with most series made available for 30 days. It is the first time the BBC…

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Future Tense: Amazon Key Is a Lot Less Scary Than My Post-1-Click Remorse

Future Tense By TEDDY WAYNE I recently bought a pair of sneakers online after some browsing. I knew exactly what I was getting, having owned the same model and size before; they just weren’t available in any neighborhood stores. The sneakers arrived in a few days, and I was satisfied with them. Then came the targeted ads. Over the next week I was hounded by online ads for the same sneakers I’d bought, along with others I’d rejected and many more I hadn’t even seen. (Amazon also showcased items “inspired…

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Amazon and Alphabet report sales surge

Tech giants Amazon and Google’s parent Alphabet have posted a surge in sales over the last three months. Shares in Alphabet jumped above $ 1,000 in after-hours trading after the company reported sales up 24% to $ 27.8bn. Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce site, saw sales rise 34% to $ 43.7bn – nearly the size of Slovenia’s economy last year. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s profit beat estimates on gains from cloud services. Alphabet’s profits for the three months to 30 September rose to $ 7.8bn, from $ 5.6bn for the same quarter…

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Amazon service will let couriers open front doors

Amazon is launching a service that will let couriers open people’s front doors and put deliveries inside. Users of Amazon Key will need a smart lock and Cloud Cam camera. Couriers will scan a package barcode and once the delivery has been verified online, the camera will start recording and the delivery person will be able to unlock the door using an app. One analyst said consumers would have to be convinced the system was secure if they were to use it. Users will be able to choose to watch…

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Native American tribe sues Amazon and Microsoft

A Native American tribe is suing Amazon and Microsoft for infringing data-processing patents it is holding. The patents were assigned to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe by technology company SRC Labs, and it will receive a share of any award. Tribal sovereignty means that the patents cannot be reviewed by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. A similar deal has drawn criticism from US lawmakers, who claim it is a loophole to avoid patent scrutiny. Democratic US senator Claire McCaskill drafted a bill this month, in response to another attempt…

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