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Trump says he will allow scheduled release of JFK files

Donald Trump has said he plans to allow the opening of a trove of long-classified files on the assassination of former president John F Kennedy. The president tweeted to say he would allow the release “subject to receipt of further information”. The files are scheduled to be opened by the US National Archives on 26 October, but the president is entitled to extend their classified status. Kennedy was shot dead by a sniper in November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The National Archives has already released most documents related to the…

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News: Delta Air Lines to allow premier guests to pre-select in-flight meals

Delta Air Lines is elevating the in-flight dining experience once again by introducing new services throughout the aircraft on international flights. Early next year, customers in the Delta One cabin flying to select European destinations from New York-JFK and Atlanta, will be able to pre-select their meal to ensure they receive their first choice on board. These enhancements will be followed by upgraded meals and serviceware in the main cabin starting in mid-2018. Following the initial launch of pre-select meals, Delta plans to expand the service firstly to Delta One…

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Nintendo’s Refusal to Allow Saved Game Backups is Driving Switch Hacking

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. When Nintendo’s Switch first launched, it wasn’t immediately clear if the console would post strong initial sales and then fade away, like the Wii U did, or if this would be the system to put Nintendo back on the gaming map. It’s now obvious that the Switch’s early surge was no outlier; the console has already moved over 5 million units and has outsold the PS4 and Xbox One in North America four times in…

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Why I refuse to scoff at Saudi Arabia's move to allow women to drive

When King Salman of Saudi Arabia, where I was born and grew up, proclaimed last week that Saudi women will finally be allowed to drive in June, the first reaction I saw from my Saudi friends on social media mirrored my own: Could it really be true? There’s an old joke about someone asking God when women driving would be condoned in Saudi Arabia. He responds, “Not in my lifetime.” Aziza Yousef drives a car on a highway in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as part of a 2014 campaign to defy…

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News: Wizz Air to allow nameless bookings

Wizz Air has introduced a new Flexible Travel Partner service, allowing customers to create a new reservation without including all passengers’ names at the time of booking. This innovative new product has been designed for customers who want to book their trip securing low-cost fares well in advance, yet are uncertain who their travel partners will be. When purchasing the Flexible Travel Partner service, WIZZ customers need only provide the name of one passenger, but can book a ticket for up to nine further passengers without including their name at…

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Brexit: UK 'must not allow itself to be blackmailed'

The UK must not allow itself to be “blackmailed” by the EU over its Brexit settlement bill in order to start trade talks, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said. He said a bad Brexit deal would damage both British and European companies. Businesses have become impatient with the slow progress of the Brexit negotiations, he added. The latest Brexit talks have stalled over the failure to reach agreement on the UK’s so-called divorce bill. Both the UK and EU have expressed frustration at the pace of the talks. The…

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Can psychedelics be used for therapy? Time to allow research to find out

In the last few years, calls for marijuana to be researched as a medical therapy have increased. It may be time for us to consider the same for psychedelic drugs. Two general classes of such drugs exist, and they include LSD, psilocybin, mescaline and ecstasy, or MDMA. Researchers say it may be time to consider psychedelic drugs to be researched as a medical therapy. Photo: Jon Han/New York Times All are illegal in the most countries because they carry a high risk of abuse. They can also cause harm. The best-known…

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