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Transgender first for Australian football as Hannah Mouncey is accepted

The Australian Football League (AFL) has agreed for the first time to allow a transgender footballer to play women’s football at state level. Hannah Mouncey, 28, who previously played at local level in Canberra, hopes to take to the field in the state of Victoria this season. The AFL said it wanted everyone to be able to play Australian rules football. Before she began her gender transition in 2015, Mouncey played for the Australian men’s handball team. The AFL’s decision means she can now partake in any of its affiliated…

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Unsent text accepted as dead man's will by Australian court

A court in Australia has accepted an unsent, draft text message on a dead man’s mobile phone as an official will. The 55-year-old man had composed a text message addressed to his brother, in which he gave “all that I have” to his brother and nephew. The message was found in the drafts folder on the man’s phone after he took his own life last year . Brisbane Supreme Court ruled that the wording of the text indicated that the man intended it to act as his will. In the…

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