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Intel Core i7-8700K Review: A 6-Core Chip That Punches Far Above Its Weight

Today, Intel is unveiling its new Coffee Lake line of desktop CPU cores and its first mainstream desktop response to AMD’s Ryzen architecture since that platform launched in March. That’s not to say we haven’t seen some significant shifts in Intel’s desktop parts–in fact, even before today’s launch, we’ve seen more price drops and feature improvements from Intel in 2017 than at any point since at least 2011. As we’ve previously discussed, the Core i7-8700K isn’t a new CPU architecture. It’s still based on the same Kaby Lake processors that…

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Bitcoin peaks above $5,000 for first time

Bitcoin has crossed the $ 5,000 (£3,862) threshold for the first time. The virtual currency peaked at $ 5,103.91 in the early hours of Saturday, according to CoinDesk’s price index. The record high helped push the total value of publicly traded crypto-currencies – including Ethereum and the Bitcoin-offshoot Bitcoin Cash – to more than $ 176bn. However, there has since been a sell-off. At time of writing, Bitcoin was 12% off its peak, at $ 4,485. Sell orders At the start of the year, one bitcoin traded for less than…

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India swine flu death toll rises above 1,000 this year

India appears to be in the grip of a swine flu outbreak with 1,094 recorded deaths over the past eight months, said an official report on Wednesday. The last three weeks have seen the highest number of fatalities, at 342. A total of 22,186 cases have been reported across the country. The number of deaths this year is four times more than fatalities recorded over the equivalent period in 2016, which itself saw a dip in occurrences of the disease. The western state of Maharashtra is the worst affected, where…

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News: Lufthansa welcomes baby born above the clouds

Lufthansa flight LH543 from Bogota to Frankfurt certainly didn’t go as expected for the crew and passengers on board. A 38 year-old woman from Bulgaria gave birth to a baby boy during the flight over the Atlantic. The mother and baby are both doing well. The time of the birth at 12:37 was normal – the place of birth rather not. The altitude above the North Atlantic was 39,000 feet at the time (about 11,800 meters) at a latitude of 49 degrees north, and a longitude of 21 degrees west….

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CES 2017: Amazon's virtual aide Alexa shouts above rivals

Virtual assistants are everywhere at CES this year – but one speaks louder than the rest. Amazon’s Alexa has popped up in a bewildering list of devices including fridges, cars and robots. Manufacturers are clearly interested in making their appliances voice-operable, and many see Alexa as a great way to do this. But having Alexa also allows the appliances to gain capabilities, such as streaming music and turning smart lights on and off. How did Alexa come out on top and how will it benefit Amazon? The firm was quick…

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