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Donald Trump is wearing a navy jacket and black trousers and people have noticed

US President Donald Trump has been mocked after the White House released a picture of him wearing a navy suit jacket with black pants.

The picture, which shows Trump in a meeting about “diversifying White House staff” with senator Tim Scott (the sole African-American Republican in the US senate), was quickly picked up on social media by keen-eyed fashion watchers – and, frankly, just people who wanted to have a bit of a dig at Trump – due to the president’s mismatched attire.

Some Twitter users expressed concern, or even revulsion, over the poor sartorial choice.

While others reminded everyone of that time Obama wore a tan suit in 2014 and conservative commentators criticised the look as unpresidential (an event commemorated by GQon its three-year anniversary, last month).

Unlike placing hundreds of thousands of young people in a migration law-based limbo, or sexually harassing women, mismatching your suit is not inherently bad. But there are limits to the transgression.

A navy blue suit jacket with a light grey suit pant? Fine. A navy blue suit jacket with a camel chino? You do you, 28-year-old ex-private schoolboy at the races. 

The trouble with the navy blue suit jacket and the black pant is that there is not enough contrast between the colours. It’s the aesthetic of someone who dresses in the dark. It probably cost Melania her spot in the couple’s section of Vanity Fair‘s best dressed list.

This is not the first time Trump has been mocked for making the sort of workwear wardrobe decisions that would have a woman in the role lambasted by the media, and possibly tried for some sort of crime against the state.

During last year’s election campaign, it was raised that Trump’s suits genuinely do not fit very well, a faux pas that, it was speculated, could never have been committed by Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Despite this, Trump has continued to go for poorly fitted workwear: his pants are often baggy, and his suit jackets tend to be too long, finishing on his upper thigh.

It has also been flagged that the US president’s ties are often too long, and tied with an unusually small knot.

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